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Skin Crossing was founded on the principles of providing the ultimate quality of skin care devices and products for people with different types of skin. Two women from New York City tried all types of skin care treatments for their sensitive skin and found that none of these products that existed provided the solutions that were expected and, in fact, irritated and inflamed their skin. For years they went to dermatologists who gave them products they carried in their offices and wrote them prescription creams, to no avail. The women even had procedures to reduce fine lines and acne but these treatments were expensive and did not last long.

The women then decided to form a company where affordable and time tested procedures could be used by the general population and by consistently using procedural devices and organic creams of the highest quality free of detrimental chemicals. These products could be available for all different types of skin. The women would put together focus groups to understand the challenges women and men faced with their skin types as well as what they were trying to achieve overall for better skin results.

These two women decided to source out the best products and ingredients for people in need of the very best skin care concerns. The result of all of this research became the birth of “Skin Crossing” representing an array of devices and products that could be used across various types of skin.